• we specialize in international transport from / to Great Britain 
    and Ireland, which we mainly perform with our own vehicles
  • countries which we cover: Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Austria (post code 1 and 2) and Serbia, Albania, N. Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro,...
  • part loads (LTL) and full loads (FTL) transport, transport of dangerous goods (ADR), refrigerated and express transport 
  • we can also load and unload using vehicles with tail lift 
  • business undertaken subject to CMR CONVENTION and THE TRANSPORT REGULATIONS of ZOBORTRANS SK, s.r.o.
  • with our reliable English partner , we are able to 
    provide transports to remote destinations in Scotland, Ireland, N. Ireland, also to the Shetlands Islands
  • we have combined carrier-forwarding CMR insurance in the Austrian insurance company
    Dr. Ignaz Fiala for the amount of € 600,000 (covers transport by own cars, subcontractors, domestic transport and storage)
  • we can provide additional insurance for high value cargo  (also in austrian insurance company)


  • domestic transport in Slovak Republic 
  • possibility of loading / unloading with a vehicle with tail lift


  • warehouses with area of 400 m² in Nitra + warehouses of our partners in Bratislava, Žilina and Košice
  • possibilities of storage and handling of consignments in 10 warehouses in Great Britain
  • we provide repacking of goods, handling, long-term storage
  • delivery by vehicles with a vehicle with tail lift 
  • our partners can provide storage space in Prague, Budapest, Vienna, ...


  • for our clients we offer customs services in the UK (via our customs agent with T1 guarantee) or in Slovakia, Czechia and Austria

  • customs warehouse and temporary customs warehouse actual in Bratislava, Nitra, Prague, Brno and Vienna
    * we provide customs clearance service only to clients who have also ordered the transport of a consignment  through us 


  • services of cars and trucks
  • tire service
  • car diagnostic
  • instalation of tint car windows